whereistecate asked:
She's cute

rly rly cute 

whereistecate asked:
Hey do you know who Kate Micucci is?

just looked her up so now i do. what about her?

iamhankthepigeon-deactivated201 asked:
do you work for the illuminati? pls respond.

who’s askin?

Teen Suicide "i will be my own hell..." Vinyl FIRST PRESSING VIOLET LP

donno if this is kosher but i’m tryna sell this teen suicide record - first pressing of “i will be my own hell because there is a devil inside my body” violet LP. i figured some of you guys would be into it.

tr0ubled-mind asked:
hey i totally forgot to tell you guys about this one time my brother and i were walking home and a car literally crashed into a house right behind us, i'm being totally serious and the first thing we thought of was your song cinco de mayo shit show and yeah, that's basically it.

hahaha oh shit. that’s nuts. what’s even more nuts is that that’s what the song is about. the time that you and your brother saw that car hit that house. we’re super relatable

khupa asked:
I just found your guy's music yesterday, and i must say.....you fuckin rule!

thank you so much! you fuckin rule for finding us. thanks for diggin thru the crates.

albino-mouse asked:
come to connecticut pls

if only if only the woodpecker sighs

idontknowwhattowriteatall asked:
Why is it every time I look for deck wine on tumblr I just get people drinking wine on a boat and not you guys' song?

that was our plan the whole time. to get our listeners to stare into the lap of luxury and wish for it.

completelygenericsadz asked:
What are your dude's favourite tunings

top three for us are FACGCE, DAEC#AE, and DGDF#BD. i recommend the first two if you are into the twinkly stuff. the last one is a lil more screamo.